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Token as loyalty points to link up the neighborhood

Defying the scamming norm and perception of the crypto industry, injecting real-world utility for mass adoption of blockchain technologies.

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1 $COFFEE token for 1 single shot of espresso

How can we all use $COFFEE?


Reward $COFFEE to customers, boost business and relationship with customers.


Redeem $COFFEE for their favorite drinks and food.


Earn $COFFEE by completing tasks or refer lovers and shops.


Host campaigns to promote the culture of coffee.

EARN $COFFEE for Coffee

Start earning $COFFEE at ease!

Invite friends to join the Neighborhood

By simply generating a referral link and asking your friend to register, both of you will get $COFFEE as reward. Unlimited attempts. Unlimited coffee for you.

Invite Friends

Invite your favorite coffee shops to Neighborhood

The program allows you to earn up to 100 $COFFEE if you invite a coffee shop to join the CoffeeDAO neighborhood.

Invite Shops

Join shop campaigns in our neighborhood

Each shop will distribute $COFFEE in their campaigns, visit one of them now.

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Buy $COFFEE on exchange

Different from most tokens on exchange, $COFFEE is not created to be speculated. $COFFEE is here for coffee.

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Invite friends and coffee shops to earn free $COFFEE

Finish simple challenges to earn free $COFFEE. Unlimited attempts. Unlimited coffees for you.

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Join our community and engage with the neighbors on social media for exclusive rewards

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