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Boost your business with our loyalty program

We are a decentralized alliance of neighborhood coffee shops to boost customer loyalty and acquisition with $COFFEE points on blockchain. An easy way to boost recurring revenue.

Join as Coffee Shop


more likely to spend in shops with loyalty program


profit increase for 5% increase in customer retention


prefer digital loyalty program


average extra visit before redemption

Join CoffeeDAO for strategic marketing as a Web3 pioneer

Emphasizing security and utility, $COFFEE token as loyalty points on blockchain provides a cost efficient way for coffee shops to attract and retain customers within the community.

Free to join
Every coffee shops have a say in the alliance
Granted $COFFEE quarterly as marketing budget
Onboarding and operation assistant

In coffee we trust

3 steps to join CoffeeDAO


Fill out the Google form for the verification process.


Neighborhood will vote and approve the application

Welcome Onboard

Simple setup then your shop is off to go!

Flexibility and control lies in your hand

Basic commitment

All coffee shops must commit to redeem 1 $COFFEE for 1 single shot of espresso, a fundamental value of $COFFEE. Defying such rules will be punished by the DAO. While additional rules are customizable, please read House rules.

House rules

All redemption rules beyond basic commitment are customizable among each coffee shop. Your shop could add rules for the best of your business like 3 $COFFEE for a latte, 1 $COFFEE plus price difference for a mocha, etc.


The distribution of $COFFEE is at your shop discretion. Various creative campaigns can be hosted to boost business for your shop, like each purchase will get 0.1 $COFFEE or bring your own cup for 1 $COFFEE or social media campaign, etc.

Invite friends and coffee shops to earn free $COFFEE

Finish simple challenges to earn free $COFFEE. Unlimited attempts. Unlimited coffees for you.

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Powered by ADAM Vault

ADAM Vault is a decentralized treasury system that empowers communities to approve on-chain budgets with pre-approved conditional smart contracts — the backbone of CoffeeDAO dApp.

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Join our community and engage with the neighbors on social media for exclusive rewards

Welcome to join our community