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When it bloooms,
it expaaands...

CoffeeDAO is a decentralized business alliance to connect the coffee community with blockchain.

Vision and mission

Things that drive us all here, gather to strive for the best to the coffee community and blockchain industry.

Support the coffee community

Under the umbrella of third wave coffee, we aim to promote coffee culture and support small coffee shops that struggle to compete with large chains.

Everyday adoption of Web3 technology

To alter the notorious perceptions on blockchain, we injected real-world utility and created incentives for individuals to interact with Web3 technologies.

The bloom effect

Our brand illustrates an identity portraying a fresh start to every new journey, the dawn of every moment we are about to share in life. For this reason, our design adheres to an identity that represents the beginning of a coffee brewing process – “THE BLOOM.” A place we connect and form a coffee community in the ecosystem.




Invite friends and coffee shops to earn free $COFFEE

Finish simple challenges to earn free $COFFEE. Unlimited attempts. Unlimited coffees for you.

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