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A loyalty program in neighborhood coffee shops

Unite coffee lovers and coffee shops around the world with a community-centric loyalty program. Also an experiment in everyday Web3 technology.

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1 $COFFEE for 1 single shot of espresso

Your loyalty points are calculated in $COFFEE tokens. Basic redemption is 1 single shot of espresso, other coffee drinks with more $COFFEE.

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Your loyalty points are safe on blockchain

With records stored on the blockchain, your points will exist forever and cannot be changed without your approval. In order to do this, we created $COFFEE tokens on the blockchain. Therefore, the number of $COFFEE tokens you hold equals the number of points you have.

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Spend $COFFEE for actual coffee

Every coffee shop in CoffeeDAO is committed to redeeming 1 $COFFEE for 1 single shot of espresso. For other drinks, each coffee shop has their own house rules. It’s a game for you to explore different house rules!

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Earn $COFFEE with fun

Earn $COFFEE by referring coffee shops and friends, completing missions and challenges. Learn more in the “$COFFEE” tab.

Join us in 3 steps

Making it easy for anyone to start


Connect/create wallet on our App. Wallet is like logging in on web2.


Get $COFFEE in your wallet by scanning QR codes from coffee shops or friends.


Scan the coffee shop’s QR code within the app to pay $COFFEE.

All about the neighborhood

CoffeeDAO is a loyalty program backed by a coffee-centric decentralized business alliance, forming a community we call Neighborhood.

Coffee lovers

Coffee lovers are the drinkers and customers filled with love and care about coffee. Enjoying the most benefits of the Neighborhood by earning and spending $COFFEE.

Coffee shops

Providing coffee and a place to gather for the Neighborhood. Coffee shops distribute DAO granted $COFFEE and are obligated to redeem coffees.


Supplying coffee beans to coffee shops and perhaps coffee lovers to make their delicious coffee everyday. Roasters in CoffeeDAO help to stabilize the supply and quality of beans.

Coffee farms

Not to forget one’s origins, coffee farms are the ultimate source of the coffee we drink. We envision to include coffee farms in the Neighborhood.

DAO contributors

Keep the Neighborhood running by operating daily tasks and supporting any parties who need help.


The beginning of brewing

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Spend your reward points in our neighborhood

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Invite friends and coffee shops to earn free $COFFEE

Finish simple challenges to earn free $COFFEE. Unlimited attempts. Unlimited coffees for you.

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Powered by ADAM Vault

ADAM Vault is a decentralized treasury system that empowers communities to approve on-chain budgets with pre-approved conditional smart contracts — the backbone of CoffeeDAO dApp.

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Join our community and engage with the neighbors on social media for exclusive rewards

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